Zynga Poker Hacker Trial

March 7, 2011

In Exeter Crown Court last week, Ashley Mitchell, the Zynga Poker hacker, plead guilty to multiple charges under the Computer Misuse Act, as well as the Proceeds from Crime Act. He was caught embezzling large numbers of online poker chips. A witness, however, has recently come forth claiming to have “pertinent information” to the case as a former Zynga Poker employee.

Allegedly, Mitchell hacked the Zynga Poker server masked as an administrator. This allowed him to access and steal more than 400 billion chips that may have possibly been worth as much as $12 million in US dollars in value had they been sold. This amount, however, is the disputed evidence by the new witness. The court has postponed further ruling until March 14th, so that the defense can get a statement from the witness.

Regardless of what the chips were in fact worth, Mitchell did in fact hack the servers of Zynga Poker, a crime punishable by law. In fact, he was forewarned by the judge at the onset of the case that he would by a facing “lengthy sentence” for his crimes, especially since this is not the first time Mitchell has been caught in cyber stealing.

He was found guilty in 2008 of hacking the computer systems of a previous employer, Torbay Council, in order to pay himself a £2000 cash payment. He was given a suspended sentence for this crime, but he is most likely looking at jail time after stealing 400+billion poker chips from the online poker app via Facebook, Zynga Poker.


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