Ylon Schwartz Joins BubbleProtection Team

February 13, 2012

Leader in Internet poker tourney entry fee protection and indemnity, BubbleProtection, has announced that Ylon Schwartz will represent the company as a third spokesperson, joining Chris Moorman, online poker phenomenon, and Will Failla, ranked number one on the WPT.

Schwartz, who made the November Nine of the 2008 WSOP Main Event, finishing 4th and taking home $3.7 million in winnings. Live and online tournament career winnings totals more than $6 million. Originally a chess and backgammon player from Brooklyn, New York, Schwartz is now one of the most respected online poker players in the world. He can be found online under the screen name “TenthPlanet.”

Schwartz is not only well-known in the poker community, but in the chess community as well. He was a Chess Master and competed against the highest ranked chess players in the world. He brings the experience and strategy he learned in chess to professional poker.

Schwartz says of the new partnership, “I am proud to be associated with a company that has introduced the most innovative new poker product I have seen in many years.” He continues, “BubbleProtection presents a new wrinkle in how to play tournament poker. It offers a user a significant strategic advantage during the most crucial stages of tournament play, allowing you to accumulate chips leaving you in a powerful position for the endgame. When properly employed BubbleProtection will result in a significant increase in your cash rate and considerably more final tables. Like my friend and fellow spokesman Will Failla, I can’t wait until we are playing again in the U.S. and I am able to put this strategic advantage to work for me.”

The revolutionary Bubble Protection is an online poker tool that offers insurance to players and was created to help players capitalize on the hundreds of thousands of Internet poker tourneys played globally every week. By purchasing Bubble Protection, a player can protect his entry fee and “bankroll” in the event he ends up in the “bubble” position. In a nutshell, it gives players a strategic advantage, protects their bankrolls, and improves overall tourney results.

BubbleProtection CEO and founder Eugene Castro, says, “I am so pleased one of the most analytical people I know is passionate about BubbleProtection to the extent that he is willing to lend his name in support of our revolutionary bankroll management tool.” He continues, “Ylon has been extremely important in formulating the foundation upon which BubbleProtection is based. His strategic analysis on how to effectively employ our product has helped define BubbleProtection as not just a money management tool but also as a weapon to be used to improve a player’s overall results.”


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