Will Wisconsin Casinos Go Online?

April 2, 2013

In the wake of legalization of online poker by the states of New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, other states have taken note. However, Wisconsin is one state where not much about online poker regulations has been heard.

Wisconsin is a state renowned for land-based casinos, which are operated by Native Americans. Other tribes across the country have been very liberal about expressing their interest in Internet gaming. The tribes in Wisconsin, though, continue to be silent.

Steve Verrett, the director for the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) in Wisconsin, said, “State-by-state legislation in my opinion is not ideal.”

In justification of his statement, he went on to add, “It will create small pockets of tournaments and little competition as you will only be able to play within your state or compact of multiple states. Will Wisconsin join a group like a Powerball lottery system? I don’t know and actually have little confidence in it. The best bet for Wisconsin and most other states outside of California, Nevada, and New Jersey is federal regulation. If federal regulation with an ‘opt out’ clause gets put into place as it has been discussed, I think Wisconsin is forward-thinking enough to be a part of that.”

Verrett is encouraging players to become proactive in spite of the minimal movement on the online poker front in Wisconsin. He said, “Join the PPA, get on the mailing lists and use the tools that the PPA has in place to let decision-makers in your area know your opinion.

“The PPA does a very good job of tracking opinions of state and federal decision-makers for your state and provides very simple one-click form letters to send to your senator or representative. If you are a poker player, you should keep pushing the issue. Don’t be a person that complains when decisions are made against us; voice your opinion before the decisions are made.”


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