Will South Point Be Pro-Worthy?

October 18, 2012

While South Point Poker will undoubtedly be the first legal and regulated online poker site available to US players (Nevada residents specifically), some wonder if the intrastate poker operation will be able to sustain US poker pros with enough action to make a living. And will the former PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker mega-players relocate to Nevada in order to participate in legal online poker in the US?

These questions remain as Nevada ranks at only 35 in the nation for population at about 2.8 million residents, and it is unlikely that the millions of tourists who flock to Nevada each year will be offer enough participation in South Point Poker to compare to the numbers that flooded the tables at former US-friendly poker rooms.

Justin Truesdell, two-time WSOP bracelet winner, says, “I don’t think I could play online poker for a living if it is intrastate. I don’t think if it was limited to a state with the population of Nevada that it would be able to maintain the player base that is needed.”

Another career poker player Jeffe “ICuRaRook” Sluzinksi doesn’t believe that there will be adequate MTTs or players, mainly fish, to provide enough play for him to make a living playing poker like he’s accustomed to, but he’s willing to give it a chance.

He says, “It’s the same reason I am not playing on Bovada or Merge in addition to their cashout issues.”

Other pro status players, who have been travelling abroad since Black Friday in order to play Internet poker, like Kevin Iacofono and David Randall, say they will not jump at the opportunity, but will keep an eye out for it, and consider it if the stakes are right once the site gets established. Randall says, “The field sizes would just have to create good enough value to make more sense than playing on PokerStars. I definitely think that initially it will be state based and that it is not likely that it will have large enough fields.”


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