Where are they now? October Nine: Steve Gee

October 28, 2012

With the World Series of Poker Main Event final table commencing tomorrow, Monday, October 29th, it may seem that the October Nine would be trying to do everything they can to de-stress and prepare themselves mentally for the big day. But not 57-year-old Steve Gee. He has just relocated his entire life to Las Vegas, a move he has been considering for about a year now. Previously residing in Sacramento, California has made it hard for him to continue his career as a pro poker player. Making the final nine back in July has given him a lot to think about. He took possession of his new home in Vegas on October 17th, but he says he won’t actually be doing any moving until after the final table. Still, it’s a lot to process.

He hopes to have a big reason to celebrate with a housewarming party after it’s all said and done with, and he has a lot of supporters expected to show up to support him. He admits he’s used the full 85 ticket allotment from WSOP. His last win was at the 2010 WSOP when he defeated a 3,000-player field and won $470K at a NLH event. Gee claims this is completely different though.

And because Gee hasn’t been featured very much on ESPN, his friends and family have a joke that he’s not even in the final table, and he’s just been pulling their leg. “I have been watching the coverage, but all my friends and family have said, ‘Steve are you lying to us? Did you make the final table?’ Every single Tuesday they say, ‘Steve we haven’t even seen you yet.’”

As coverage continued, he did eventually make the cut, and while he first was resentful towards his younger counterparts, deeming it disrespectful that they wouldn’t feature him as much, he’s now realized that there’s less tape for his opponents to analyze of his play in the WSOP. On the other hand, Gee has been watching the tapes of the other players, but that’s about the extent of his preparation. He’s not prepared to overhaul his multiple-decade strategy that’s brought him this far.

He’s also decided to make the switch from cash game player to tournament player. “I’ll tell you,” he says, “I think from this point forward I am going to have to be a tournament player. Cause after the final table, the hardest thing is going to sit down and grind.”


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