Wembley Stadium Hosts ISPT

May 29, 2013

The International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT) is headed for the home of English football, Wembley Stadium, where its Day 2’s first plays out on Friday on the hallowed turf. A recent blog by the Dusk Till Dawn (DTD) owner Rob Yong makes it very clear that the ISPT will have tremendous value to the players.

The ISPT is a new and unique event that Yong promotes, taking time to address 10 most commonly asked questions on the DTB website. In an open and frank blog, he sheds light on the issue of attendance figures and prize pool figures.

Yong answered the question, “How many runner have you got, how many do you think you will get?” with: “At the time of writing this (4.22am Tuesday morning) we have 373 player names – this equates to a prize pool of just over €1 million euros, with more guaranteed seats over the next 4 days. But how many players will buy-in directly for €3000 on Day 2a Friday and Day 2b Saturday – this is the million dollar question – literally!”

Yong went on to explain, “I heard 700-800 players bought in for €5K at this year’s  EPT Berlin - but the EPT’s are established, prestigious events so maybe it’s not correct to compare? When we partnered with ISPT they had around 30 players in Day 2 with only 12 weeks to go. At the time I said to the press that 500 runners would be a disaster, 1000 would be okay, 1500 a job well done and 2000 a miracle from the poker gods, so I am just praying that all the of hard work done by the ISPT team in promoting the event in so many different countries will pay off.”

In terms of potential overlay from a player’s point of view, it will be a ridiculous overlay on the cards if there are low numbers. “If 1,000 players buy in there will be €460,000 added to the prize pool, which will surely be one of the largest overlays in the history of the game of poker. Should that figure be even lower, at say 500 entrants, the cost to DTD will be enormous; the overlay could potentially top the scales at €730,000!”

The payout structure of the tournament is expected to be extremely high, so ISPT and DTD have decided to allow making of deals once the final table is reached. The nine finalists are allowed to flatten the payouts in case they want to, but under the Tournament Director Simon Trumper’s watchful eye.


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