USA Legal Poker Sites

April 21, 2011

In light of the recent unfortunate seizure of the domains,,, and, millions of online poker players have been left without an online poker site to play at. Shut out from these poker sites is a grim reminder of what happened in 2006 when PartyPoker abruptly rejected USA players when the UIGEA was passed. But just as it was then, there are still USA legal poker sites available. It just takes a deposit.

Eleven indictments were made, 76 bank accounts were seized, along with five domains, but damage control has already cleaned up what could have been a big mess. However, these online poker giants have probably anticipated this happening and were ready when it did. They’ve all already redirected their non-USA players to .eu or .uk domains and reverted their USA players to non-real money accounts, so that they can still play at their sites all they want, but not for real money.

Luckily for these players, there are still viable USA legal poker sites that every USA player can play at again, and they even offer excellent new player deposit bonuses and VIP programs, so in week or two, as a USA player, you’ll never know the difference. As the unplaced USA players begin to find new homes on other networks, guaranteed tournaments will start to grow, and new online poker rooms will take over the market, just like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker did after PartyPoker closed their doors to USA players.

So don’t fret, just get a new account and make a deposit, and start going after all those fish who would otherwise be playing on Absolute Poker or They are now yours for the taking. It’s A-ok to play at these USA legal poker sites.


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