US Players Still Allowed to Play for Real Money at Absolute Poker for Now

May 25, 2011

Despite the fact that and were both seized by the FBI on April 15th (otherwise known as Black Friday) and the CEREUS Network agreed to prohibit US players from playing on their site, US players have still been playing for real money there.

This was reported and confirmed by Pokerscout, online Internet poker tracker, which has reported players showing up on the CEREUS tables from cities such as Bakersfield, Cincinnati, Chicago, Minnetonka, and Colorado Springs making real money bets on both Absolute Poker and

This is in direct violation of the agreement they made on May 4th that sated: “Absolute Poker agrees that for the duration of the agreement, it will not allow for, facilitate, or provide the ability for players located in the United States to engage in playing poker for ‘real money’ or any other thing of value.”

But, those players who were already active with the software already downloaded (prior to April 15th) have still been able to log on and play by bypassing the seized domain sites and accessing the online gambling server directly.

Pokerscout suggests that “Cereus would not only be in breach of contract, but would also potentially face fraud and other charges for signing a contract it had no intention of following.”

However, the agreement did allow for a 45-day grace period that would allow for ample time to comply with 10 days allotted to correct any mistakes that may occur. So technically they aren’t breaking any rules and are not likely to be held responsible for the extended play on US players on their network. They are probably just waiting until the very last minute to dismiss online poker players from their network, as they need all the business they can get in the mean time, as they have suggested that they will file bankruptcy.


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