Update on November Nine Players Bounahra and Statszko

October 27, 2011

Being the first poker player from Belize to make the WSOP Main Event Final Table, 49-year-old Badih Bounahra owns a poker room (in the Princess Casino) and a grocery store in Belize City. Bounahra will sit in Seat 2 with the sixth largest chip stack at 19.7 million chips. Since the final nine was determined, Bounahra has been playing in several tournaments in Belize and has traveled a lot to Florida, but hasn’t played outside of Belize. To prepare specifically for the final table, he has been watching videos and taking notes to put himself in the right mindset and plans on doing this more intensely as November approaches.

Also in the running for World Champion of Poker next month is chip leader at the Main Event Final Table, Czech Republic’s 35-year-old Martin Staszko. Like Bounahra, Statszko is the first to represent his country at the WSOP final table. He does have the biggest chip stack with 40.175 million chips and is seated in Seat 9. Since the WSOP, Statszko has vacationed in Sweden, played in the EPT Barcelona, played online poker, and has done a lot of interviews. His plan for preparing for the final table is to keep it local and play in local tournaments as opposed to international ones. He has a friend who is collecting info on other players and plans on adjusting to play against other November Niners.


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