Update on Full Tilt Poker Status

September 29, 2011

Ian J. Imrich, lawyer for Chris Ferguson, is currently taking questions on Facebook from former Full Tilt Poker players, disgruntled and all. Imrich had been posting things on his Facebook wall relating to Full Tilt in efforts to save what little popularity they had left. Now it’s more or less an open forum where effected parties can pose questions regarding their missing player funds, the rumors about French investors, and whatnot, though there are some harsh words being said about Ferguson and other Full Tilt Poker associates.

Unfortunately, there are so many disgruntled players, it is virtually impossible to address every single concern, though many are the same. Jeff Ifrah, lead defense lawyer for Full Tilt and Ray Bitar, Poker Kings CEO, attempted to host a similar thing on TwoPlusTwo, but it didn’t last five days after realizing he was no match for the masses.

While the letter of intent from the potential investor that would save the company and return player funds expires tomorrow, September 30th, many are losing what little hope they had. Ifrah has confirmed talks with the AGCC that would further extend the hearing on the company’s operating license until the investor was able to meet with the DOF.

So nothing has changed, but time. Time will run out on Full Tilt Poker, but hopefully not before the players are paid.


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