UltimatePoker.com Becomes the First Regulated US Poker Site

May 1, 2013

Las Vegas’ launch of the first Nevada, USA based poker site is a step forward in the US online poker saga. UltimatePoker.com will be the first legal and regulated online poker operator serving in-state gamblers and residents of Nevada.

Ultimate Poker is part of the Las Vegas’ Station Casinos LLC that runs 16 local based casinos within Southern Nevada and touts itself for being the first provider of secure, legal online poker in the nation. Ultimate Poker is owned and operated by the owners of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), hence, the name.

In February, Nevada made an enormous stride when legislation was finally passed that would legalize online intrastate poker. Ultimate has moved forward very quickly after the green light was given from Nevada gaming regulators in early April. Online poker will run round the clock, though there are a few restrictions. Players must be 21 years or older and reside within the state. Players will be able to engage in online poker on their personal computers or live at the Station casino. Payment transfers will take place through wire transfers, MasterCard, and checks.

For Northern Nevada, Ultimate Poker plans to market its online poker starting with the use of media and word of mouth. Locally, the casinos that have struggled with a 30% drop in gaming revenues within the last decade are watching closely. Casino poker offers about 1% of the entire gaming revenue within Nevada, and the new poker companies are expected to grow in the industry.

The main demographic includes 21 to 45 aged males who value technology and have disposable income. Yet to come are the bigger concerns, particularly the crossing of state lines for online gambling that will require the interstate compacts and may spur federal regulation.

Although there are questions regarding marketing and the limited amount of traffic intrastate online poker can generate, the ground is still new with many expectations and plans to see the online poker industry succeed in Nevada.

Other states are following in Nevada’s footsteps. Delaware and New Jersey are struggling with plans of setting up full-fledged online casino gambling, though they are still establishing the route to operational status.


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