UltimateBet becomes UB.com

November 20, 2009

UBlogoFor as long as UltimateBet has been in business they have always been referred to as UB. This is why UltimateBet.com is now being re-branded to UB.com with a completely new logo. The people at UltimateBet have also taken the opportunity to pimp up their poker software a bit for this re-launch of their brand.

“The launch of UB.com represent a turning point for our company. We have collected a big group of professionals that are passionate about poker to build or new UB brand. Our goal is to create products and services that poker players really want, said Paul Leggert.

” I have been involved with UltimateBet for 10 years now and I have never been more proud to represent the company. I look forward to the day when we are the biggest poker site on this planet, said Phil Hellmuth.

Here at Online Poker News we have our doubts that UB.com will ever become the biggest poker sites on this planet. Even though they are changing their name people will never forget about the superuser scandal that took place there and at Absolute Poker.

When trying to visit the new UB.com website we are currently being redirected to the old address at UltimateBet.com but they are probably going to start using the UB.com address in the coming weeks.


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