Tzvetkoff to Testify for Prosecution in Federal Case against Online Poker Execs

October 13, 2011

Fake payment processor operator Daniel Tzvetkoff is now reported to be a star witness on the side of the prosecution in the case against the 11 Internet poker execs that were accused of money laundering and illegal gambling activity by the feds back in April—the very same individuals who helped him make his illegal fortune. Tzvetkoff was actually the one who led police to arrest the 11 execs, so it’s not surprising that now he’s going to go ahead and testify against them in order to receive a lesser sentence for himself.

According to reports, Tzvetkoff is hiding out in New York, where he was spotted for the first time in months. Some believe, he’s already received his sentence, but the details are being kept secret due to the bigger case against the executives of PokerStars, Absolute Poker, and Full Tilt Poker.

When the three biggest online poker sites in the world were shut down and the indictments were handed down, it was a sad day for online poker, especially in the US. Only one of those three poker sites is still in operation today, and Tzvetkoff is to thank. He, who made billions of dollars by hiding online poker transactions and was just as guilty as any other, will likely end up in witness protection to save his butt after he helps bring down some of the biggest online poker figures in the history of online poker. If it weren’t for these men, the industry would not exist in the capacity that it does throughout the world, as online poker is much bigger than the US now. It is unfortunate that it all had to go down the way it did.


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