Twelve New Poker Pro’s Joins Lock Poker

September 18, 2009

The online poker site LockPoker is located on the ever growing Cake Poker Network have recently signed a sponsorship deal with twelve non-american poker professionals. The person behind these signings is Randy Kasper from Poker Players International.

The twelve players who are joining Team Lock Poker are:

  • Stephen “allinsteve” Devlin from Ireland
  • Bjorn Andre “bjolla” Hovden from Norway
  • Dan “danloulou” Smyth from Ireland
  • Vincent “Diamond8″ Gabel from Belgium
  • Elmar “EmmiV” Masson from Iceland
  • Joe “Conno!!y” Connolly from UK
  • Francisco Costa from Portugal
  • Robert Jean Hoogendoorn fron Holland
  • Brendon “brendoor” Rubie from Australia
  • Maximilian Bassil from Norway
  • Bolivar Palacios from Latin America
  • Jose Raul Severino from Latin America


One Response to “Twelve New Poker Pro’s Joins Lock Poker”

  1. Nate on September 19th, 2009 4:46 pm

    Did the Cake Poker Network really need another skin? I mean seriously, there must be like 100 different skins on this network offering the exact same thing. The only ones who had a unique idea were CardSpike but they ended up scamming the shit out of both players and affiliates.

    I really like the Cake Network but I feel they really need a skin that can offer something new to the players. The way it is now it is just a bunch of players jumping from skin to skin trying to whore out bonuses and rakeback deals.

    The first skin to offer rakeback and a decent VIP loyalty program together with smooth deposits and withdrawals for US players would end up with a huge player base.

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