Top 5 Reasons Why is Getting More Traffic than Ultimate Poker

November 12, 2013

Nevada online poker is currently made up two sites: and UltimatePoker was the first regulated online poker site to open up to Nevada players. Five months later, came along to offer a little healthy competition and is now beginning to see even more traffic than Ultimate Poker for a number of reasons. reported that the 7-day average of UP players dropped to 120 per; whereas, saw a 130 player-average per week. Even though no one speaks of Planet Poker anymore (the first online poker site ever), success for the first regulated online poker site was seemingly a shoe in. While UP and are positioned to be the FT and PokerStars of Nevada online poker, traffic is showing that one is substantially better than the other.

While was most certainly the next stop for many players who watched the final table of the Main Event on ESPN, there are other reasons why players are more readily flocking to

Top 5 Reasons Why is Getting More Traffic than Ultimate Poker

1. Software

Many players are citing the subpar software used by Ultimate Poker as the main reason they are choosing According to some reports, players are not happy with Ultimate Poker software because it crashes—a lot. This is a big turn off for any player, especially for those who multi-table for long periods of time. The online poker industry is almost two decades old now, and software issues have been resolved many times over. Inadequate software is not acceptable at this stage in the game.

2. Loyalty Rewards

Another problem for UP is that many players are excited about the recent updates to the loyalty program. The Action Club Loyalty Program offers better rewards and more frequent player points for higher tiered players. The general consensus still favors the UP rewards program in general, but players don’t have much to complain about, especially with the fresh upgrade to loyalty rewards.

3. New Deposit Poker Bonus

New players at can enjoy a whopping $400 poker bonus for first time depositors, while is offering only $50 new deposit bonus.

4. Added Money Tourneys Online Championships, which just wrapped up, have attracted a lot of players to the site here recently. The additional $500K added money, which guaranteed an overlay and an increased value of events. Should resort to guaranteed tourneys and discontinue hosting added money events, UP may see an upswing in traffic.

5. Satellites to WSOP Events

Where else but would you go if you were looking to win a seat to a WSOP event? may see even more players sign up to play satellite tournaments and participate in qualifiers that award seats to WSOP circuit events and the 2014 WSOP and WSOP Asia-Pacific events.


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