The Unfortunate State of Seized Player Funds

July 25, 2011

The PPA (Poker Players Alliance) has presented a legal guide that will assist players with getting their money back from online poker rooms that have shut down over the past three months or so. Apparently there were dates that defined when players could apply for their refund by, and these dates are closing in on players who otherwise didn’t even know they existed. Claims were supposed to be filed prior to the date.

The PPA is now helping direct players on what to do in order to go about getting their money back. They have explained that while they can’t assist in filing direct lawsuits against the poker sites on behalf of the players, they are providing information to players on how to individually hire a lawyer to represent them in efforts to retain their money. They are also recommending this action only for players who had a great deal of cash in their player accounts because class action suits like these are rather expensive and not worth the cost to players who did not have a substantial amount of money in their player accounts.

The PPA is also asking players to weigh all costs and time that it would take to file suit against the potential outcome and realize that it may be difficult to establish a valid claim of the seized funds, especially in an overseas court. If you believe that the PPA’s guide will help you determine whether or not you should file suit, then by all means, check it out. The unfortunate reality though is that most players who have yet to receive refunds of their accounts are not likely to. It’s just too political at this point, and the US justice system is going to be able to do little about the individual’s player funds.


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