The PPA Calls on its 1 Million Members to March on Washington DC on May 24th

May 10, 2011

The Poker Players Alliance, also known as the PPA, has made it perfectly clear recently that if the online poker community doesn’t act now, we will lose online poker for good. In an effort to lobby for online poker at a greater level, they have named May 24th “National Poker Lobbying Day.” On this day May 24th, the PPA is asking their more than one million members to descend upon Washington DC in order to actually meet with members of Congress and legislators who can help.

The PPA press release states, “Approximately 30 of PPA’s State Directors will meet with targeted lawmakers and ask them pass legislation to license and regulate online poker.”

The PPA has already been calling on member since Black Friday to write, email, or call their representatives and contact them by any means possible, but May 24th will be the first time the PPA has attempted to organize a large body of its members together at once in an effort to further the progression of online poker legislature.

Former Senator and current PPA Chairman Alfonse D’Amato told PPA member in an email, “The PPA will be providing the tools and information you need to arrange and execute those meetings either in Washington D.C. or back home in your congressional delegations district offices. Please click here to find the contact information for your members of Congress, as well as instructions on how to request and successfully secure a meeting.

“We encourage every PPA member to meet with their members of Congress on May 24th and request that if you secure a meeting to please email the national office at and let us know the details.”

This “emergency fly-in” request by the PPA to its members is a risk if many don’t show, but it has promise, as online poker players are more than just poker players. They are passionate about their sport.


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