The End of Lock Poker?

May 8, 2013

Lock Poker, a Revolution Gaming Network’s struggling flagship poker site, has seen better days. The online poker room has been having issues, starting with cash outs that have just not been there, and most players have gone without their earnings. Withdrawals processed more than one month ago are still yet to be paid. There have also been complaints that the company has not been paying commission to affiliates.

A year ago, Lock Poker took over Cake Poker Network, making the Revolution Network to be the greatest online poker network in the US. When the struggling network received new management, people were hopeful. The continuing failure may ultimately affect the whole poker industry within the US market.

The issues will go beyond Revolution Gaming. This time, US players have four main options. There is Revolution Gaming, Bovada, Winning Poker, and Merge Gaming. The end of Revolution Gaming may reduce the established US poker options to only three. With low competition, players will receive fewer promotions.

Bovada provides players with few benefits. Merge Gaming had to drop rakeback early in the year, thus leaving Winning Poker Network the best option. Players outside the United States become more hesitant to take part in US friendly sites, creating a negative impact on the liquidity of these networks.

Cereus players lost their cumulative earnings amounting to about $45 million in 2011 after the indictment of the network. The same might happen to Revolution Gaming, whose network deposit amount is between $15 and $20 million. The ordeal would affect the U.S. players’ confidence in online poker.


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