Speed Hold ‘em Now Available at iPoker Sites

July 30, 2012

After Full Tilt Poker redefined online poker with Rush Poker, which everyone loved, there was a gaping hole when Full Tilt shut down abruptly. So PokerStars came in with Zoom Poker and it was a big success. Now the iPoker Network has stepped on the high-speed poker bus and offers Speed Hold ‘em. Online poker players who play at iPoker Network sites such as Titan Poker, William Hill Poker, Winner Poker, Bet365 and others will now be able to enjoy the fast-paced poker variant.

Speed Hold ‘em will allow players to play three times as many NLH hands and immediately fold and be dealt into a new hand should the player not like his hand. No more waiting for the hand to play out after folding—instant new hand with a much faster rate of play.

Another plus to Speed Hold ‘em is that players can also earn three times as many loyalty points as normal paced online poker, so if you can keep up, this type of poker can be very advantageous to online poker players. And unlike other styles of poker, it is exclusive to the Internet because of the computerized fold/deal system that keeps the game moving so fast.

Currently the iPoker version of Speed Hold ‘em is only available for NLH, but PLO is expected to be available in the future. Also, the game is only available via the downloadable software, not in-browser. You can find Speed Hold ‘em in the main lobby under the “Speed Poker” tab.


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