Software Upgrades at PokerStars

September 16, 2010

PokerStars has recently introduced a new software upgrade. You may have logged in to your PokerStars player account lately and received a pop up notification prompting you to update your software. Here’s some of the new features and upgrades you can look forward to:

Automatic Buy-In Feature Added: When you log in to PS, this option will automatically buy-in to a table at a pre-set amount.

Automatic Seating Feature: Get a seat at a table automatically straight from the lobby.

Enhanced Session Options: Change session options within the table you’re playing in instead of exiting to the lobby to adjust session options.

Improved Notes: This upgrade now prevents notes from being lost during disconnections or mid-session software malfunctions.

Improved Tourney Display: View tournaments corresponding with tourney tickets you’ve got in your account.

Layout Enhancements: Some features at the table were rearranged to avoid wrongful clicking, especially regarding the Advanced Action Check button, which players suggested was positioned too closely to the Call button. This is a perfect example of the PokerStars commitment to honor players and listen to their comments and concerns.

Multi-Tabling Stack Feature: This option allows you to organize multiple tables in addition to the already existing features, cascade and tile.

Stats Tracking: View your opponents’ average stack size before you sit down at a table.

No Chat Feature: Let other players know that you are not available for chat.

Previous Hand Access: Review your previous hand after the fact.

While some software upgrades are often not noticeable, this PokerStars update is worth it. It’s the little things that ultimately make the online poker experience more enjoyable, rewarding, and successful.


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