Shocking Online Poker Cheating Scam

December 14, 2010

Co-creator of the longest running animated series in the history of television (The Simpsons), Sam Simon, claims a high-stakes poker player has lost more than $4 million due to a hidden cheat cam that had been secretly installed in his house.

According to Simon, someone broke into the pro’s house and installed the camera unbeknownst to the online pro.
Simon, who also plays poker, has indicated that the pro in question happens to be one of the biggest nosebleed players out there—someone the poker community knows very well, though he never revealed who this player was. He just explained that the said online poker pro was “losing, and losing, and losing.” Then he realized that someone had gained access to his house and installed the camera above his computer.

“He found a camera stuck in his ceiling, looking at the [computer] screen,” says Simon.
Simon has also told the Las Vegas Review Journal that he too had been a victim of cheating scams that involved online poker. For instance, he explains that two players will be sitting together physically while playing online at the same table, ganging up on unsuspecting victims.

After Simon had been victimized by this scam, PokerStars ran an algorithm test proving he had been scammed, and ultimately Simon got his money back. He no longer plays poker online.

Simon also made comments about the proposed bill by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that will legalize online poker in the US. Simon is weary of it and accuses it of being corrupt. The bill will actually ban existing sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt for at least one year, allowing only big-name casino brands like MGM and Caesars Palace to run online gambling sites in the US.


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