Richest Poker Tournament Ever Expected to Hit Macau in 2013

December 1, 2011

According to recent reports, a brand new poker tournament, the Macau Pro Am Open, which has high-stakes players everywhere squirming in their seats, may be in Macau’s future come spring 2013. What makes this poker tournament so exciting? The prize pool is set at $100 million—the highest prize pool ever in the history of poker—both online and off.

American businessman William Murray to GamingToday says that various Chinese companies are collaborating now on this massive tourney. The prize pool is said to be set at $100 million, but the tournament would still run even if it only made a $65 million prize pool. The first place finisher would receive up to $25 million in winnings.

What makes the Macau Pro Am Open even more exclusive is that it will only allow about 500 players to register. The ideal player field would be 33% US, 33% Far East, and %33 from other parts of the world, such as Europe. Participants would be expected to buy-in at around $200K in order to make the $100 million prize pool.


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