Recent Study Shows New Jersey Poker Players Prefer Legal Sites

February 16, 2014

A recent study conducted by Commercial Intelligence research firm polled 505 New Jersey online poker players regarding their preference of regulated or unregulated online poker sites, and the results were encouraging.

The study, which was discussed by CI at the ICE Totally Gaming Exhibition in London, showed that a whopping 35% of current New Jersey online poker players started playing online poker when it was legalized last November. And furthermore, 65% of online poker playes based out of New Jersey who were already playing at unlicensed sites have made a permanent switch to licensed and legal gambling sites. And that’s just the current player base, which is expected to grow overtime, especially with the extensive marketing campaigns licensed sites have and will be introducing. Not only will these promotions attract new players, they will also convert more players to legal sites.

According to Online Poker Report, these results are indicative of two important points. First of all, a large number of would-be online poker players were reluctant to play online poker illegally. Secondly, the large majority of players who were willing to play at unlicensed sites, have crossed over to legal playing options. Thus,the popular consensus by New Jersey online poker players is that they prefer to play legally if possible. This is good news for pro-online poker activists. However, its not a positive for the opposition.

What can be deduced is that an online poker ban at any level is not really going to deter players from participating in real money poker online in the US. It’s obvious there’s a market for online poker in the US. If the US doesn’t provide a safe environment, they are going to play anyway and illegal online poker sites are going to be the only winners.

The data collected by CI signifies that the regulated and legal online gambling sites will ultimately put the unregulated sites out of business, or they will just pull out when they sense the markets are becoming unprofitable, like Merge Gaming Network recently did in New Jersey and Delaware. As enticingly larger player pools at unregulated sites begin to dwindle, even more players will make the switch.


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