PPA’s Petition to White House for Online Poker Legalization

September 29, 2011

Director of online poker advocacy group Poker Players Alliance Drew Lesofski created a petition on the White House website regarding the need for online poker regulations last Friday in hopes to generate the 5,000 signatures needed for the petition to be reviewed by higher powers. It took only three days for the petition to generate more than 7,000 signatures.

The petition will remain live on the White House website until October 22nd. At that time, the issue will be addressed by the White House. Online poker advocates are encouraged to continue showing their support for the cause by continuing to sign the petition to show the administration just how important this right is to US citizens.

VP of the PPA Rich Muny says, “What we really want is to show the administration that a lot of people care about this liberty. We want it to always be in their heads that poker is in the top-tier of Americans’ interests. To me, that is more important that what response we get from the administration.”

The petition simply states:

“Appropriate regulation of online poker will put the US in charge of safeguarding responsible adult players, prevent underage participation and protect those with excessive gaming habits. The current unregulated US marketplace does not guarantee a single consumer protection.

“US regulation of this global industry will also mean the creation of American jobs and billions in new revenue without raising taxes. Licensed US-based horse race wagering sites have proven that online betting sites can be successfully regulated. It is time to allow online poker the same opportunity.”

If you agree with this statement, it only takes a minute to create a free account and virtually sign the petition online.

Muny says, “It’s very important for everyone in the community to participate. We want to stay above any bar they choose. It’s very gratifying that the White House thought a good proposal would take 30 days to 5,000 votes and we did it in three days. That shows the strength of our community. More votes will increase our priority in getting an answer. Every additional signature is an important one.”


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