PPA Takes on New Board Member

November 10, 2010

After an almost unanimous vote, the director of the Litigation Support Network for the Poker Player’s Alliance (PPA), Patrick Fleming, is now a new member on the PPA Board of Directors. With more than a million members worldwide, the PPA is the leading grassroots advocacy group of poker.

Former Senator Alfonse D’Amato and chairman of the PPA says, “Patrick is one of the poker community’s staunchest champions, donating his time and legal expertise to help PPA members navigate the often murky waters regarding poker’s legal status. I am so pleased that he will be joining the board of directors as we work together to guide the organization’s efforts to provide a safe, regulated environment for poker players in the US.”

Fleming, who is a private attorney in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, specializes in civil rights and criminal defense litigation. He learned to player poker from his dad when he was a teenager, frequently playing in his father’s regular game while he went to college and law school. Fleming discovered online poker in 2004 and took to the sport very quickly, playing under the user name “skallagrim.”

After his disappointment in the UIGEA and the government’s effort to deny him the right to play poker online, Fleming joined forces with the PPA and started offering up his legal expertise and posting about legal challenges through the various popular online poker forums.

He made the suggestion in 2008 that the PPA form a formal Litigation Support Network (LSN) that would serve to help PPA members who were facing legal problems surrounding poker play. The LSN would also serve as a basic framework that would help to advance the argument that poker is a game of skill for use in future cases. After accepting Fleming’s suggestion, the PPA did form the LSN and named him director.

Executive director of the PPA, John Pappas, says, “Without Patrick’s guidance and expertise, the PPA would not be nearly as well positioned from a legal perspective to provide support and testimony in the legal cases impacting poker across the nation.” He adds, “Just as importantly, our members would not have the Litigation Support Network, which is an invaluable resource to protect players as they enjoy a game of Texas Hold ‘Em at home, online or at a charity event. It is a true pleasure to work with Patrick and I look forward the ideas and insights I am certain he will bring in his role on the board of directors.”


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