PokerStars Zoom Poker to Launch Mid-March

March 6, 2012

PokerStars Zoom Poker will be up and running for real-money play in the middle of March, according to a PokerStars representative.

The new fast-paced online poker cash game has been in beta testing at PokerStars for a couple of weeks, but it has only been available at the PokerStars test site for play money. However, a PokerStars representative posted at the online poker forum, and said real-money play will be rolled out soon.

We are finalizing the last few details regarding the product and expect Zoom to be released as Real Money beta in mid-March.

The representative also said a few changes were made to PokerStars Zoom since the beta test began:

Based on player feedback we have added two new features on the .TEST version:
1) Sit out next BB – Fully operational with the checkbox on the table.
2) “Fold & Watch” – There is still some graphic work to be done on this feature, but for now you can test it by pressing Ctrl+Shift while you click the Fold button. This feature does not work with the ‘Fast Fold’ button.

In PokerStars Zoom, players join a large “cloud” of players, and are seated at a table. Players can choose to play the hand, or instantly fold out of turn and be moved to a new table consisting of other players from the cloud. Zoom Poker allows players to see many more hands than they can at regular ring games, on average 200 hands an hour or more.


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