PokerStars’ Zoom Poker-the New Rush

February 26, 2012

Perhaps the most missed thing about former Full Tilt Poker, besides players’ money, is Rush Poker. Rush Poker was the best new thing to hit online poker since multi-tabling for many players and provided an exhilarating change to the monotonous daily grind of regular online poker. So it only makes sense that another version of the highly popular and highly addictive poker variant surface. Meet Zoom Poker, PokerStars’ answer to Rush Poker that will attempt to fill the void left by Rush Poker.

Only available on PokerStars’ test client (TestPokerStars), Zoom Poker is a fast-paced online poker game that is available for play money to registered PokerStars players only. This new game allows players to join larger “clouds” of players and are then seated at a random table. The player then has a choice of folding and moving to a new table within his cloud, or playing the hand.

In Zoom Poker, players can see about 200 hands per hour on average, possibly even more, as players can have up to four simultaneous entries in a cloud. While only 6-max NLH is currently available through the test site, the lobby features future spots for LH, PLO, PLO h/l, and more.

Learn how to use the PokerStars Test Site here.

Below is a video of Zoom Poker.


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