PokerStars Wraps Up WCOOP

September 27, 2011

Sixty-two events later, the World Championship of Online Poker hosted by PokerStars has wrapped up. The main event saw 1,627 registrants, who each paid the $5,200 buy-in and created a prize pool totaling $8.135 million. It was Denmark’s Thomas “Kallllle” Pedersen who finished first and won $1.26 million. Second place went to Czech Republic’s “Vojt_R,” who won $710K.

Overall, the country with the most monetary winnings was Canada, followed by Russia and UK. Russia and Canada were tied for the most final tables, UK coming in third. But it was Russia who won the most titles with 10 WCOOP first place wins, which makes sense because Russia also had the most registrants. The UK was in second place for most titles with eight, and the Netherlands came next with seven.

The WCOOP player of the year award went to both Joel “2FLY2TILT” Gordon and Big_Nemo, both of whom earned 295 points throughout the series. In third was Daniel Negreanu, who finished in fifth place out of 70 in the 8-Game High Roller Event #61 with a $10,300 buy-in and a prize pool worth $700K. First place went to Russia’s “Ostrov.”


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