PokerStars Still Breaking Records after SCOOP

May 21, 2012

After the latest installment of PokerStars’ Spring Championship of Online Poker, also known as SCOOP, the series has officially become the largest online poker tournament series ever.

SCOOPS awarded a total prize pot of $65,332,179, beating the previous record from 2010 set at $64,230,010, proving that online poker may not have seen its best year in 2011, but its back in full force. The payouts at the 2012 SCOOP series went out across 120 tourneys with 40 events at each of three levels: low, medium, and high.

PokerStars reported that its own record for total registrants was also broken with 526,154 participants. The previous highest record was also from 2010 with 461,936 registered players. In this year’s SCOOP, players from a total of 156 countries participated.

The Main Event stats across the three levels follow: the Low buy-in for the Main Event was $109 with 22,128 registrants; the Medium Main Event saw a $1,050 buy-in with 3,567 registrants; and the High was a $10,300 buy-in with a mere 517 enrolled.

It looks like PokerStars survived Black Friday after all.


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