PokerStars Adds Heads Up Zoom Poker

November 21, 2013

After the fall out of Black Friday, many online poker players were not only left without a poker club, but they were left without their beloved Rush Poker. In answer to this, PokerStars introduced Zoom Poker, and later, Bodog brought us Zone Poker.

The concept is simple. You are seated at a table and dealt a hand. If you wish to play that hand, it plays out just like a regular poker hand would on a non-fast fold poker table. However, when the hand is over or should you choose to fold, you are immediately placed at a new table with a new group of players and a new hand is dealt to you. Continue on until you log out.

This type of poker went well with the online poker craze because it was fast-paced and allowed players to see up to 300 or more hands per hour, while regular paced poker reveals only 50 to 100 hands per hour. The trick is no wait time between bets and folds. If you fold, you no longer have to sit and wait for the rest of the players to carry out the hand. You are instantly seated at another fast table and dealt a new hand. This poker caught on quickly and has evolved since its inception.

Recently, Steve Day, PokerStars rep, announced on TwoPlusTwo that a new twist will be offered at the PokerStars Zoom Poker tables next month—heads up Zoom Poker. This alternative will be available in the same fast fold format, but instead of the six-max and full-table games, this new style will offer heads-up Zoom, so that once you fold, you are moved to another heads-up Zoom table to go up against a new player with a new hand.

The purpose of this was to address bum-hunting at heads-up casino games. Bum-hunting is defined as players who are preying on weak opponents by selecting a heads-up table against a known fish. PokerStars has further addressed the issue by announcing that they will be rolling out a new feature next year that will remove players from the tables should they not play a required amount of hands once a second player sits down. The new Zoom Poker format offers fishy players the opportunity to not be pigeonholed by self-proclaimed sharks who prey on inexperienced players. The new heads-up Zoom poker will allow less experienced players to gain more experience without being singled out as easy.


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