PokerStars Remains on Top

April 13, 2013

A look at the traffic on online poker sites shows that iPoker refuses to be dimmed in its quest for dominance of the online market. Its numbers continued with a surge maintaining its quest for dominance by regaining its first place behind PokerStars. The competition for second place has been very closely tied between the three sites in contention for the spot. According to Pokerscout’s seven day averages for the latest week, iPoker leads with 3100 players, while Full Tilt and PartyPoker follow closely at the 3000 player mark.

This is born out by the moving trend for the last 30 days; Full Tilt Poker has been on a continuous downward streak that it seems unable to mitigate. PartyPoker, on the other hand, has been unable to establish a stable base and has been continuously declining despite the launch of ZyngaPokerPlus, a gaming skin currently limited to the UK. The launch may have done wonders for Zynga’s share price producing an upward movement of 15%; however, this has not had much positive impact on PartyGaming’s numbers. In fact, their share price has followed the trend and similarly dipped 15% since the launch. This may have investors at worried considering they may have been looking to emulate the success of Full Tilt’s relaunch which created an upward surge of 10% in online poker gambling.

iPoker’s surge has been bolstered by recent additions such as Bet Fair and Dusk till Dawn to the iPoker network by parent company Playtech. The effect has seen a turnaround in what had previously been Playtech’s declining gambling section. SealsWithClubs deserves a mention as the week’s largest gainer due to the popularity of their Bitcoin system. However, this should be taken cautiously as their largely American market may be negatively impacted by possibility of state regulated online poker in the U.S.


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