Poker Prop Bet Gone Terribly Wrong

March 17, 2014

Many poker players are known for making dumb prop bets at the felt, on sports games, and whatever else they can bet on like vegetarian Howard Lederer’s quick $10K he made off David Grey for simply eating a burger. And then there’s Huck Seed’s 18-hour stint standing in the ocean up to his shoulders due to a lost bet with Phil Hellmuth. In addition, there’s been a couple of random bets among players that require moving into a Bellagio bathroom or bathtub, but the strangest and probably most pointless prop bet was between two New Zealand players five years ago.

When 22-year-old “Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova” went to renew his passport, he was met with the stark realization that when he applied for a name change (above) after losing a drunken poker bet a half decade ago, it actually was approved, according to a friend of Mr. Frostnova, who posted the story on an online body-building forum.

The name is actually 99 characters, one less than is allowed by New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs, and now that it has been approved, not only will it have to appear on the fellow’s passport, but will also need to be changed on his driving license as well as other legal documents, as the name was officially accepted in March 2010, according to Michael Mead from the Department of Internal Affairs.

After meeting all the legal criteria and with all application fees paid, Mead says that Frostnova would be able to change his name back.

This isn’t the first weird name change New Zealand has encountered. In 2008 authorities were court ordered to take Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii’s into custody in order to change her name. Other names rejected by New Zealand, according to the New Zealand Herald include Knight, Majesty, King, Justice, Princess, V8, and *. Legal names do not allow symbols in New Zealand, as if that needed to be cleared up.


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