Poker Pro Seeks Diamonds Seized by Customs 11 Years Ago

July 18, 2011

Well-known poker pro Steve Zolotow, who has a few WSOP bracelets to his name, as well as about $1.8 million in poker winnings is looking to recover $900K worth of diamonds that were seized by customs 11 years ago. The New York City club owner allegedly failed to report the diamonds to customs when he flew from Toronto to New York. When Zolotow failed to file an appeal within the required time frame, the diamonds were sold off for an estimated $886K, according to the Toronto Sun.

Zolotow is now seeking to retrieve as much as possible of the value. The judge presiding over the case though is not so sympathetic to Zolotow’s circumstance. In his ruling, the Judge Russell Zinn stated, “Mr. Zolotow pleads that the diamonds are his and that they were never legally seized or forfeited. He seeks their return or return of the proceeds the Crown received from their sale.”

The case was then dismissed on the grounds that “absence of an allegation that the officer did not have reasonable grounds to believe that the Customs Act or regulations had been contravened in respect of the diamonds.”


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