Poker Guru Katie Dozier Relocates to Mexico to Play Poker

November 23, 2012

Katie Stone, better known as “katie75013,” relocated to Rosarito, Mexico to pursue her career as an online poker player. She is one of the Grindettes, a group of four women who have turned online poker playing into a career. She has been followed by Katie “hotjenny314” Dozier in this averse but popular decision to relocate to play. Katie Stone pretty much put the whole group together, including Jennifer Shahade, Jamie Kerstetter, and Dozier. The dynamic group of women, all of which are excellent poker players, not only support each other at the poker table, but also in every day life.

Dozier started playing way back in 2004, while she was still majoring in creative writing in the state of Florida. She relocated to Washington DC, where she attended a French culinary school, but at the same time, she upheld her taste for online poker. She played her way through the online poker ranks while acquiring quite a sizeable amount of loot, more than $110,000.

Maybe being married to Collin Moshman, a renowned poker pro and noted author, might have contributed to her decision. Moshman is the author of Sit ‘n Go Strategy, Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em, and The Math of Hold’em. Dozier edited all the books and even co-authored two of books alongside her husband. The Superuser and Pro Poker Strategy: The Top Skills.

Following a successful run in Las Vegas, as well as several World Series of Poker events, Dozier saw it fit to delve into the world of online poker, heading south of the border. Currently she lives in Rosarito, Mexico where she recounted how her childhood shaped her decision today. Jokingly, she recounts how her online screen name, “hotjenny314,” came about. After she noticed how guys went ga-ga over sexy-girl screen names, she decided to give it a try, and the name stuck.  “Jenny,” as she recounts, is influenced by hot girls from her sorority while “314” speaks to math, important to the game.

Being a female player in a male dominated field, Dozier is pretty much unaffected. Online, she is pretty much genderless, so she says. She prefers tournaments to cash, which is a strong indicator of her competitive nature—online poker players be warned—where she plays mid-stakes MTTs and MTT SNGs and averages 15 tables at a time.

Her life in Rosarito is something to envy. She has a house near the ocean, a beautiful complex that she shares with her friends and family.


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