Player Gets Ripped off $60K by Cake Poker

May 29, 2011

Cake Poker recently made a decision to rule in their own favor of $60K when a player was the victim if a glitch in the Cake Poker Network software that allowed a couple players to bet with money that wasn’t actually in their accounts.

From, a poker forum, the player posted his communication with the Cake Poker security department on the forum. Part of the post follows:

One of the partner sites on the Cake Network had a security issue which involved some accounts bringing fraudulently acquired funds to the tables and losing them. Your account was one of the accounts which won funds from one these fraudulent accounts ($60,614.10). We are sure you recognized and understood that the manner in which these accounts were playing against you was not rational poker. We apologize for this unfortunate issue but we cannot allow these funds to be retained in your poker account since they were not legitimate funds to begin with. These funds have now been removed from your account.


Cake Poker Security

Despite the fact that this player won fair and square, the player whom he won the funds from was not playing with fair money. Therefore, the victim is the player who lost his winnings because he was at the wrong table at the wrong time.

Many are wondering what would have happened if the player had lost to the fraudulent account. It is doubtful that Cake Poker would refund the money he lost.


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