PKR Live Scheduled for May in London

March 23, 2010

pkrpokerbonusIf you are a fan of the three-dimensional online poker site, PKR, or even if you haven’t checked it out but always wanted to, here’s a great opportunity to do just that. PKR recently announced that they will return to London’s Loose Cannon Club to host the PKR Live IV event. This live poker tournament will kick off on May 7th and culminate on May 9th, giving PKR players a chance to bring their 3D online avatars to life and play against each other face to face.

PKR Live IV will include a $500 main event as well as a $150 side event, but there will be plenty of cash games and sit n go’s on the side to accommodate all of the PKR fans who will be showing up for a chance to participate in the three day poker fest. If you are planning on going, don’t be late because you won’t want to miss the kickoff PKR Poker Party scheduled for May 6th, the night before the action starts. Knowing PKR’s reputation online and offline, this party promises to be a stellar event.

There are more players expected than the last installment of PKR Live, as this time around the buy-in has been halved from $1,000 to only $500 making it more affordable for players from all corners of the world. Just take what former PKR Live II champion, Karl “discmonkey” Fenton has to say about his victory: “No amount of blogs, posts or pictures can really put into words what this weekend means to those who really love the community and friendly ethos of our site. Plenty of other poker sites exist, but none are able to match this kind of weekend.”

One of the reasons PKR is so successful is that it truly is a different online poker experience. The 3D avatars and environments make playing online poker more realistic with such elements as tells and bluffs incorporated into the software design. If you haven’t tried it, you need to. Another big reason to try out is the fact that you can get a pretty decent PKR Poker bonus right now.


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