Phil Laak Owes California Back Taxes

December 27, 2013

With winnings of up to $3,136,008 of poker tournament plus a WSOP golden bracelet still for him, Phil Laak obviously likes bluffing. However, the California state is one opponent who is rightly known as his bluff. Reports show that Laak has not paid taxes right from 2010 and 2011.

The tax collectors in California now demand that he pays $24,874 as tax incurred within these two years. This is a pretty small amount for Laak considering his massive winnings in poker.

When such a thing takes place, it is natural for the poker world to assume that possibly the player is hard up. However, this is not the case with Phil Laak given that he is still collecting good tournament scores.

In 2013 alone, the Unabomber (mainly because of his sunglasses and hoodies) collected winnings amounting to $433, 740. This was his third best year in his 12-year tournament game. Since 2004, Laak has collected the lowest amount of $119,120, which greatly testifies to his own consistency.

Another essential thing to note is that Laak regularly performs well in high and mid stakes real money games. Therefore, the bottom line is that Uncle Sam from California, or whoever is responsible for taxes in California, should receive their money.

On the other hand, Laak should note that the poker world is still kind to him. In the 2013’s summer, he took the 19th position in the $111k WSOP, One Drop tournament where he earned $173,723. Besides, in 2013, he earned $109,385 from the Poker Main Event’s WPT Legends. This gave him $109,385 after finishing in the fifth place.

In addition to his continued success in the poker world, Phil Laak continues to hold on to Jennifer Tilly, his longtime girlfriend. These two have been together since 2005, a time when Tilly emerged the winner of WSOP Ladies Hold’em, which was her very first tournament. Today, Tilly and Laak are probably the best known couple in the poker world. Whether Phil Laak will clear his tax dues remains to be seen.


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