Online Bets in the Future for non-US iPhones

August 8, 2011

iPad and iPhone users have a multitude of apps to choose from when it comes to poker and casino gaming. In fact, some of the first iPhone apps were developed for poker players, including Apple’s Texas Hold ‘em app. People across the world play casino games and poker games online, so it makes sense for iOS app developers to cater to this market.

Unfortunately, despite the growing popularity of iOS systems, there has not been the capability available to gamble with real money over these devices. Apple has resisted the demand to allow real money bets to be placed via the iPhone, the iTouch, or the iPad.

The good news is that there will be some apps released by online betting institutions including poker sites, online casinos, sportsbetting sites, and more to non-US players. While US bettors will not be able to partake in online betting via their iOS devices, players outside of the US and across the world will soon be able to make bets using their iPhones and iPads.


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