October Nine: Jeremy Ausmus

July 25, 2012

“I’m in the minority, being a family man in poker,” said Jeremy Ausmus in an WSOP interview after he wound up in the October Nine for the Main Event. The 32-year-old professional poker player, who will be 33 by the time the final table plays out, will sit down on October 29th with 9.8 million chips, the smallest stack of all. Originally from Colorado, Ausmus now resides in Las Vegas and actually has a college degree (most good poker pros end up dropping out of college to play poker)—a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University.

Ausmus is married, and him and his wife have a 20-month-old daughter and another on the way. Ironically, the child is due November 3rd, just four days after the final table is expected to wrap up. But as we all know, the exact time a baby chooses to arrive is unpredictable. Let’s hope that there’s not an early arrival that would prevent Ausmus from fulfilling his obligation and dream of completing the World Series of Poker Main Event. When asked what the plan is if she goes into labor during the final stint of the Main Event, he says, “I guess she’ll want me to play poker. I’m sure.”

He says after playing 300 hours of poker throughout the WSOP (he played in 28 or 30 events this year), he’s ready for some time off and won’t be playing the typical 30-40 hours per week that he usually does. He has a trip to the East Coast planned but will be visiting the Bellagio about four times per week to play cash games between now and October 29th. Bellagio cash games has become his preferred place to play since Black Friday.

Ausmus is not a rookie. He’s been playing poker since college when he watched Rounders. He began reading books on how to make a living playing poker, traveling to a casino in Colorado on the weekends, and building up his game from there. In recent years, there aren’t really any happy endings for the short stacked player in the final nine, but you never know. Anything can happen in poker.


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