New Study Shows Support for US Online Poker

December 30, 2013

The latest polling from Reason-Rupe shows that most Americans are not opposed to the regulation of online poker. Reason-Rupe conducted a survey of more than 1,000 Americans on various topics including whether the government should allow or ban people from playing online poker games.

The results show that 65% of the respondents said the government should allow online gambling and 32% said it should be prohibited. The rest of the respondents selected “don’t know” or just declined to give an answer.

This poll sharply rebukes the research that Sheldon Adelson carried out that claimed a majority of the population in the United States oppose online gambling.

There is a correlation between the survey that Reason-Rupe carried out and what OPR conducted in early December. The OPR polling required Americans to give out their opinion with regard to the regulation of online poker.

From the survey, 19.4% said they strongly support the regulation and more than 29% said that they strongly oppose the regulation of online poker. As with the response gathered during the Reason-Rupe poll, about 1/3 of the Americans showed opposition to regulating online poker.

When you check the demographic details offered by the Reason-Rupe poll results, you will find a couple of interesting results regarding support for regulation of online poker. Here is the breakdown:

  • More Republicans support the regulation compared to Democrats. The polls showed that 75% of Republicans favored legalization and 58% of Democrats favored it.
  • The support for regulation declines with increase in age. About 70% of the Americans below 55 years favor regulation as compared to the 56 percent of those above 55 years
  • The support for the regulation increases with the increase in the income of the respondents.
  • The support for the regulation increases with the increase in the level of education of the respondents. Those with a high school diploma or below expressed 55% of support while college graduates and post graduates supported regulation by 76 and 73%, respectively.


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