New PPA Campaign Makes Contacting Congress Easier than Ever

April 10, 2012

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), a advocacy and lobbying group for poker, has recently launched a brand new campaign that will push even harder for Internet poker legislation and regulation in the US.

The new campaign features a splash page, which you can access here or visit The campaign uses Black Friday as a rally cry for US players to take action. The website states:

One year ago, U.S. government action resulted in the shutdown of major U.S.-facing poker websites. To mark the anniversary of this day and to send the message to our elected representatives that we demand action on legislation to license online poker, let’s all tell Congress that the poker players and enthusiasts of this great nation will never fold in the fight for the right to play America’s favorite card game!

The website provides you with a direct line to Congress, whether you want to email, tweet, or send a Facebook message with the tag line, “Your emails, tweets, and Facebook messages matter!” This is a great way to show you care. It truly takes seconds to contact Congress regarding your desire to have online poker legal in the US, and there’s even an editable letter already written that you can send as is, or add to. It’s never been easier to express your opinion regarding regulated online poker in the US. You really have no excuse not to take part in this opportunity, especially if you love online poker as much as the rest of us.

You can also join the PPA, if you haven’t already, or donate money via the PPA page if you so desire. If you can’t donate money though, do communicate your right to play online poker though if you have a few minutes, please.


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