New GPI Facebook Poker App to Launch

February 11, 2013

The Global Poker Index is initiating a free social game on Facebook—Fantasy Poker Manager—in the likeness of the popular Fantasy Football League. The free game is a product of GPI Zokay Entertainment Company, and the company permits poker fans to organize themselves into teams of 10 players (max) with a virtual budget of $1,000,000. All the team players are given fantasy values founded on the GPI that ranks the players according to their results in the most recent poker tournaments and the players’ popularity in the fantasy poker game. This fantasy game also allows for the various teams to establish private leagues or to compete one-on-one against each other.

Fantasy Poker Manager CEO Alex Dreyfus explains that game is a great achievement in the online poker community. It acts as a bridge between social poker, online poker, and live tournament poker.

It is, in addition, expected to promote poker and bring poker professionals and fans together.

According to a recent report, the launching of the mobile version of the Fantasy Poker Manager application is planned to take place in the next few moths, maybe sooner!


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