New Fast-Fold Adrenaline Rush at Full Tilt Poker

January 9, 2014

This week, Full Tilt Poker launched a new variant of online poker, deemed Adrenaline Rush. This new addition was part of a software update that also adds the first phase of casino games. The online poker site will roll out more casino games in the future as part of a multi-stage process to incorporate casino into the Full Tilt Poker software package.

The brand new Adrenaline Rush is a fast-fold poker game like its predecessor Rush Poker and builds on the concept of fast fold poker introduced and made popular three years ago by Full Tilt. It had just enough time to catch on before Black Friday. This way to play that is unique to Internet poker has become so popular since it was first introduced, that many other online poker rooms have adopted it and launched their own versions (i.e. Zone Poker by Bodog and Zoom Poker by PokerStars).

Adrenaline Rush poker is all 4-handed, and all the action takes place preflop. Buy-ins range from 5 to 10 BB, and betting is maxed out at 10 BB. Players may raise or fold, and these are the only options they have. If a raise has reached the 10 big blind max, however, or is greater than or equal to their stack, they may call.

If a player chooses to fold, they will be immediately be placed at a new table to face a new hand and new opponents, as is customary with traditional fast-fold variants. To keep the action moving swiftly, players may select the Quick Fold or Raise Max options.

Head of marketing at Full Tilt Poker, Sarne Lightman, says, “The name reflects the kind of emotional state the game delivers; it’s even faster than our original Rush Poker.”

Full Tilt Poker was the original innovator of fast-fold poker, and the phenomenon caught on so much that virtually every online poker site now offers some form of fast-fold poker. This type of online poker is popular because it allows players to see a great deal more hands per hour, earn more frequent player points, and essentially more pots. Fast-fold poker also makes for a more efficient online poker session because it omits waiting time between folds and new deals.

A significant amount of online hands played are fast-fold poker hands, and the trend doesn’t seem to be fading away. Players embraced the new form of Internet poker, which cannot be played in a land-based casino due to the technicalities of switching so quickly between tables.

In addition to Adrenaline Rush, Full Tilt Poker will be testing some free-play blackjack and roulette variants via the download client. A spokesman for Rational Group, owner of Full Tilt Poker, says that real-money versions will go live once the testing phase is complete.

He says, “As always, we will provide the high quality player experience, integrity, security, safety and support that players have come to expect from Rational Group brands.”

Casino games offered by the brand include a variety of blackjack games, including Atlantic City, European, and Double Deck variants. Players can also play on individual or multi-player tables. Multi-player roulette is also available, where players can actually communicate with each other throughout the game.

This is just the first phase of the expanded product launch by the Rational Group and Full Tilt Poker brand. While both Full Tilt and PokerStars are owned by the Rational Group, it is understood that PokerStars will continue to offer poker only, while Full Tilt will expand product range to casino games.


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