New 2010 WSOP Poker App for iPhone

June 21, 2010

The 2010 WSOP iPhone App is out for the 2010 WSOP season. Developed by Pokulator LLC and Applicorp, this new and innovative application for the iPhone features WSOP event schedules, structures, and customized results for mobile platforms. You’ll find that the schedule is easily accessible and can be viewed in full or filtered to show events by buy-ins, types of games, or dates.

This new technology eliminates the players’ need for a structure sheet during tournaments and the confusion surrounding when the next affordable event will be held, etc. After the events finish, the app will swiftly and accurately present tournament results and update often with information that WSOP players and spectators alike can use.

The 2010 WSOP iPhone App can be downloaded on all versions of iPhone, iPod Touch, and the recently introduced iPad via the iTunes Store.
This technology will no doubt open doors to more innovative and unique poker-related applications, adding even more poker-useful applications to the growing arsenal of gambling apps out there already, and this isn’t the first time Pokulator LLC and Applicorp have teamed up to offer apps to the poker community. The two companies previously joined forces on the Women of Poker iPhone App, which was also an instant success, and plans for future applications are already in the works.

And while it is not currently possible to actually play online poker via iPhone and related technologies, it might not be an impossible dream. Though poker sites have expressed concern over security related issues with the iPhone platform, there is a way to rig your iPhone to access online poker by accessing the poker game on your PC via your iPhone. While this still seems pretty farfetched, perhaps the ability to gamble via the iPhone for real money is in the future, whether it be near or far.


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