Nevada to Issue First Online Gaming License

June 7, 2012

It recently became known that the honor of the first US online gambling license will be given to Bally Technologies. Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) chairman Mark Lipparelli says it’s “another step forward, but it’s not the last.” Bally’s application for licensure was unanimously accepted by all three members of the NGCB.

VP for Bally Technologies business development John Connelly explained that as many as 50 (mostly Vegas-based) casinos have expressed interest in purchasing or leasing Bally’s system in order to provide players with online or mobile casino play. However, before this is possible, according to Connelly, the software must be tested to ensure that the software will restrict online gaming to Nevadans who are 21 years of age and older and that those who do not meet this criteria will not be able to access the system in any way, as US federal law allows online wagers to be received in Nevada only and requires that bettors be age 21 or older.

Connelly also added that he believes mobile online betting will become increasingly popular in the near future as people are already using mobile devices for more than two and a half hours per day.

Bally’s system is customizable for casinos so that they can adjust games offered to include online poker, slots, bingo, sports betting, video poker, and table games. Casinos may also decide for themselves how to collect wagers from online customers.

According to legal rep for Bally Technologies Mark Lerner, Nevada had already enacted these gambling laws 10 years ago and now many US states will soon follow. The Nevada Gaming Commission has final say on the license though, which will take place in Las Vegas at a meeting to be held on the 21st of this month. He also mentioned that Chiligaming, based in France, has sold their online gaming system to Bally, though they didn’t buy Chiligaming. And Bally has recruited some Chiligaming execs after in-depth investigations have cleared Chiligaming from ever having offered illegal online gambling to US players.


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