Nevada Braces for US Online Poker Action

September 12, 2011

Nevada’s biggest law firms have made statements regarding the state’s move toward getting in on online poker ahead of the curve in the hopes that the federal government will legitimize online poker.

The first set of proposed Internet poker legislature will be considered at a public workshop to be held later in the month. They plan to have a format for regulation of online poker in line by the close of January, which would be ahead of Congress, should they legalize the game.

Attorney Mark Clayton, from Lionel Sawyer & Collins law firm, explains that this move could likely place Nevada on the front lines of the market in order to become the jurisdiction to regulate and license poker online for everyone else in the country.

Clayton’s firm participated in a two-hour seminar on online gaming that was held at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas’ Boyd School of Law. He says, “The first state out to capture the market is going to have a tremendous advantage.”

Clayton explained that because software, servers, and other computer equipment needed to run Internet gaming operations are massive and hard to transfer, once they are set up in Nevada, they will be there to stay. Nevada would also collect fees for licensure from the online gaming corporations that would set up shop in the state, and thus, collect tax revenue off of wagers.


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