Nevada Approves More Gaming Licenses

January 25, 2013

The Nevada Gaming Commission issued two more interactive gaming licenses this week. Out of Rome, Italy, Lottomatica, and a subsidiary of Golden Gaming, Sartini Synergy, have both received approval to operate out of Nevada’s intrastate online poker agenda.

Golden Gaming owns Golden Route Operations, which happens to be Nevada’s biggest slot route operator. Golden Gaming also owns PT’s Entertainment Group and three casinos in Pahrump, Nevada.

Lottomatica owns subsidiaries across the globe as well, including Spielo slot machine maker, whose headquarters are located in Vegas, as well as GTECH, based out of Rhode Island.

Progress is being made in the cause for US online poker, as Nevada lawmakers have introduced new legislation that will allow an intrastate online poker compact between all states that are regulating intrastate online poker, so that players can play among state-licensed online poker sites. Right now, the only other state that has passed this type of legislature is Delaware, buy other states have similar bills on the floor including Mississippi and California. More states are expected to jump on the intrastate online poker bandwagon.

While the Nevada online poker program was expected to be up and running last fall, and then again by the beginning of the year, has yet to kick off. But once it does, many are hopeful that other states will follow suit.


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