Negreanu’s PokerStars Account Hacked

February 8, 2012

Canadian poker pro Daniel Negreanu tweeted a couple days ago: “Important: Do NOT send me any emails the account appears to have been hacked. Just landed in LA nice news.”

The hacker not only hacked Negreanu’s account, but also got into his PokerStars account and played at the high-stakes tables with Negreanu’s money. He discovered that his accounts were high-jacked on his way back to LA from Australia after playing in the Aussie Millions.

The perpetrator logged into the KidPoker PokerStars account and found $100K sitting in the account. Four hundred hands later at the $100/$200 NL tables, $46K of Negreanu’s money was lost.

Other players on PokerStars actually suspected something wasn’t right when KidPoker wasn’t playing in his typical style and started discussing the inconsistent play on TwoPlusTwo, suggesting that maybe Negreanu was just hung over. Later Negreanu posted on the online poker forum, “Some of you NVGtards really thought that was me??? Man HSP has really done wonders for my image ”

PokerStars has vowed to return the money to Negreanu’s account.


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