Negreanu Reflects on the SuperStar Showdown vs. Blom

March 23, 2011

This weekend, Daniel Negreanu and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom will go up against each other for the second phase of their SuperStar Showdown. Last Sunday on PokerStars, Negreanu was no match for 20-year-old Blom, who took the max $150K from Negreanu in only 1,439 hands that spanned a mere four hours. Thirty-six-year-old Negreanu, though, claims he’s been working on his game ever since he was obliterated last weekend and will be ready to go this Sunday for the next match. The four-table, $50/$100 No Limit match will consist of up to 2,500 hands.

Negreanu, known as Kid Poker, is one of the best live poker players the sport has ever seen. In fact, he’s second on the list of all-time money winner, but he admits that Blom is a better online player than he is. However, Negreanu does not plan on letting Blom get in his head again and promises that the second half of the showdown will be a much better match.

Negreanu wrote about his match on his Full Contact Blog. He says he has reflected on the match and claims he’s been experimenting with some new things. He also stated that he’d reclaimed $85K of the $150K losses within 24 hours of the first showdown with Blom.

According to Negreanu, the Swedish poker phenom was able to figure Negreanu out and develop a counter strategy fairly quickly. By the time Negreanu had prepared himself to counter attack, the match was over. He claims that if he hadn’t already committed to the showdown and it had been a normal cash game, he would have quite way before he got down that badly.

Negreanu is prepared for the rematch and is very excited to recover some of his pride and mend his reputation, though he doesn’t claim to have improved so much in a week to be “better than” Blom. Negreanu wrote on his blog, “I can’t do much about the bad luck, but I can do something about him outplaying me. Whatever happens next Sunday, whether I win or lose, the fact that Isildur1 is the better player won’t change.


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