More Russians Participating in WCOOP than any other Nationality

September 12, 2011

PokerStars’ World Championship of Online Poker, also known as WCOOP, is in full swing and over half way over. Since the tournament series began on September 4th, the action has been high. Due to the absence of US players at the tables, there has been a major trend in British players sweeping the series. First, event #2 $10,000 NLH High Roller event got down to two players from the UK facing off, with “DYBYDX” winning in the end against “xraypies.” DYBYDX took the $430K prize. Xraypies took the second place seat with a $310K payout, which is a pretty decent come up considering he satelilted in for only $33.

The next title taken by the UK was event #5 $320 NLH 6-Max Shootout. In the end, a six-way split of the payout landed Britain’s “Mossop7” with a $50K+ payout and first place title.

A third WCOOP win for the UK came in event #12 $215 NLH Heads Up. UK player “ricky” took the title and a $75K+ prize. And yet another title came to England in event #13 $215 PLO H/L 6-Max, and another deal was made. The last four players split the prize with “Pandochat” taking $28K+ and third-place Brit “Tick777” taking $32K, the two largest amounts.

The UK isn’t the only European country dominating the WCOOP though this year. With four wins, they are in the lead, but Russia has three, and Norway, the Netherlands, and Australia all have two. Twenty-three Russians have made final tables-the most of any other country and have the most cases at 747. And there have been more Russians registered at WCOOP events than any other nationality thus far.  Russian players “K_0_S_T_A_Y”, “ranayr,” and “Tat0chka” took first place in events #3, #7, and #14, respectively.


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